Diary – 20th August 2016

A bit of a restless night but awake and out of bed later than everyone else so breakfast was ready by the time I came out of the shower. 

After breakfast Kenny and I went for a walk. Along the river bank to collect his geocache then turned around and walked along path to find a new location. Settled on a position under road bridge. Then walked home. 

I encouraged Kenny to then sit down and register the cache, but writing th description seemed like hard work for him. Martin was busy downstairs fixing cupboards. 

Ruth made spaghetti and sauce for lunch. 

Martin took us on a trip up the road to a place called Urbach to a shop called Grillworld to investigate fire pits. They don’t sell them anymore. 😦 

We went for a short walk to find a geocache by the Rathaus and then three of us walked a bit further to try and find another one while Martin returned and brought the car round the block. We couldn’t find that cache. 

On the at home we took a small diversion to the supermarket and bought some essentials and meat for a BBQ. 

Came home and we tried to entertain 3 children while Martin and Ruth were drilling downstairs. 

Eventually got round to our BBQ tea while it rained outside. Lots of meat and lots of beer including a Belgian beer at 9%. 

Martin and I chatted outside while Ruth and Naomi played a game of dominion but we came in after a while as it was so cold. 

A glass of erdinger before bed. 

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