Diary – 21st august 2016

Another restless night after las of beer last night. Up at 7.30am and everyone was soon ready for breakfast. 

We discussed plans for the day and agreed to go to Mission Church for morning service at 10am. And we all went on bike. 

After service we jumped back on our bikes and rode along the Rems  valley to Schorndorf. 

Rode around centre of town before picking on an Italian restaurant. I had a pizza. 

Went to main square and found a geocache.  

Then went to a playground near castle.  

Then back to centre and had an ice cream. Sat outside a cafe I was feeling cold. 

Then set off for home. Tried to ride fast sections to get warm. 

Martin spoke to his father and we agreed to split into two groups. Ruth headed for home with Kevin and Eli. 

The four of us headed for the weinprobe at Grunbacher. 

So we spent a couple of hours wandering around the vineyards sampling wine at 4 stations. 

It was dark by the time we finished and my bike had no lights. 

So we had an interesting ride home. Came via grossheppach to drop of Martin’s dad and then on to beinstein for about 10pm. 

Watched a TV episode before bed 

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