Diary – 24th August 2016

Another good sleep, awake at 7am and got up shortly after. 

Martin went to work, Ruth left with Kenny leaving us with Eli and Kenny as they got up. We had our breakfast and then Eli came down. 

Ruth came back and then Naomi played board games with Kenny and Eli and then we decided to go out. 

After a bit of discussion about what ticket we need ed and how to buy it, we walked down to bus stop for 11am. 

Naomi bought ticket on bus and we went to Waiblingen station. Caught train to Stuttgart. 

Walked along Konigstrasse and stopped at a few shops. Picked up street map from tourist info. Walked to end of street and then turned left into side-street to 

Find wine festival and walked through it before turning back to choose a stall fo lunch. I had a plate of cold meat and salad with a glass of Riesling. 

Then walked to u-bahn station and after a long wait took train up to Killesberg park. Walked from station through park in very hot sun. Quick stop to find the only trad geocache in the park. Stopped at beer garden for an ice cream. Naomi climbed up tower while I stayed on ground and took photos. When she came down we wandered over to cafe, didn’t stop and then headed back to u-bahn. Just missed a train so jumped on bus instead which gave us some good views over Stuttgart as it came down the hill. Got off in city centre, went to Starbucks for drinks. I had a chai latte frapuccino and found they had BT wifi. Then had a look round a bookshop before heading to train station. 

Found right train and got on but it sat at the platform for ages. It was a double-decker. To Waiblingen and then bus to Beinstein and walk to the house. 

Straight into Gertrude’s flat to help assemble IKEA units. 

Martin got his dad to come round to baby-sit at about 8.30pm and we cycled to beer garden in Waiblingen. I had a Schwab. Wurst salad and two glasses of beer. 

Cycled home – surprising how quickly the temperature drops. 

And went to bed just about straight away. 

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