Diary – 26th August 2016

Up at about  7.30am. Breakfast on the balcony, the sun was quite warm already. 

At 10am we were all set to go to Winterbach swimming pool. Had to wait a bit for Tabitha to arrive. 

Pool was a really nice setting; out of the town centre, lots of grass around the pool, table-tennis tables, volley-ball court. 

We laid out our towels. Kenny and I played table-tennis for 20 minutes. 

There was a cafe on-site and we got food from there for lunch. I had a donner pita bread and a bottle of beer. 

Sat on grass for a bit longer and then we left shortly afte 2pm. 

Came back to house.  Kenny wanted to go geocaching but it was far too hot. On way home car thermometer showed 34C – too hot for us Brits!!  

We set up the Wii and played on it for the rest of the afternoon. 

Martin came home from work, did a few jobs in downstairs flat and then suggested a trip the beer garden. 

Ruth stayed at house cos of back pain. We walked to the same beer garden as last night. Stopped at bridge to find a geocache that had defeated us a few days ago. I had a schnitzel. And we drank dark beer. 

And then we walked home and arrived about 10pm. 

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