Diary – 29th August 2016

Our last day in Germany started early; I was awake before 7am. So got up and showered. Marth was around late – he had forgotten to set his alarm!  

After he had gone the rest of us had breakfast, except we all ate at different times. 

Then Naomi and I played a couple of games with Kenny and Eli. 

Then we finished packing, went for a walk down to Kenny’s cache so Naomi and I could log it. 

Then walked home, grabbed luggage and set off. 

Caught bus from village to Waiblingen. Ten minute wait for S-bahn train. Ruth gave us ills filled with meatloaf as we travelled. 

At airport the Ryanair check-in was at the very far end of terminal 4. Dropped of suitcase then headed for security. Said goodbyes to Ruth and children. 

Through security and had to walk back to terminal 3 for departure gate. Looked round shops once we had found it and bought some souvenirs. 

And then through passport control and a wait by the departure gate. 

Plane arrived late so left almost half an hour late. We had seats next to the emergency exit so lots of leg room. Good views just after takeoff. I think I saw the Rhine. Across the channel got a good view of The Wash, maybe Cambridge and Peterborough and the Peak District before landing. 

Long queue at passport control, despite using the ePassport gates. Then only took a couple of minutes to get luggage. 

And then walked to train station. Didn’t have to wait very long for our train. But it was the slow train. 

Very quiet to start but filled up at Manchester. Confusion with passengers going to Wales being onboard and then whether we were stopping at Wigan or not. Seemed a very slow trip to Lancaster. Eventually arrived and peter was there to take us home. 

He picked up his bikes Dan left. 

Naomi harvested loads of tomatoes, I picked two monster cucumbers. 

Pizza with a beer for tea. Bed at 10.30pm. 

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