Diary – 2nd September 2016

Woken by alarm after sleeping soundly all night. 

Got up, breakfast and out of house at 7.45am. 

Walked to school. Izzy and Sam were sitting in class with Emma so came out with me. Registered 9 children by 8.30am. 

When done I went round to vicarage. Started printing pew sheets but toner was coming out all over so we gave up and Anton called engineer. Instead we put stamps on envelopes and then I took them to the shop and walked round half delivering some more letters. 

Popped in to Joanne’s to look at Scorton village website. Looked easy when she did it. And walked home for 10.30am and time to read paper. 

Down in the lounge I cut up some cardboard and filled our blue bins. 

Had a look at Lancashire Sings Christmas website. Trying to work out how email is configured. Didn’t get anywhere. 


Had a look at village website. My experience does not match what I saw Joanne do when I was at her house. I tried on desktop PC, iMac and laptop. 

Naomi came back from work. 

We went out. Shopping. First round Aldi and then Booths. Bought Chinese for tea and a few other bits. 

Came home, had tea and watched Tv til bedtime. 

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