Diary – 6th September 2016

Felt like a restless night, but that’s not what Fitbit shows. Alarm woke me at 6.45am. Another quick shower, dress and breakfast in kitchen. And out of the house at 6.30am. Brisk walk down to school. 

all set for earLy early birds start at 7.45am. Had paper and pens ready so Esme and I sat at picnic benches from start. She got brave after a while,and walked off and explore playground. Had quite a large number of kids by 8.30am. 

Came home and sat down and read paper. Washed up in kitchen. 

Time to head back to school…

Spent an hour doing reading support. A bit different with mr dispatched me and ms Richmond to the library with half the class while he taught a lesson. I guess as it was all new to everyone it wasn’t very efficient. Did a lot less reading. Hope it will improve. 

And walk back home. 

Go the hedge trimmer out and had a go at the front. Struggled ad my arms felt very tired. 


Played a few rounds of dominion and advanced a level. 

And back down to school for my first after-school club session. Think it went ok. Helped Izzy and Olly doing a video recording, played Jenga with Lewis and chatted with Mrs Lund. Fun
Came home, took yesterday leftovers and mixed with rice to make tea. 

And after we’d eaten it we walked back down to village for service at church. Celebration of 30 years as verger for Pam.  

Church was full. Lots of fellowship, food and wine afterwards. 

Walked home at about 9.30pm and sat in snug before bed. 

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