Diary – 10th September 2016

Woke up at 7am without alarm. So got up and headed out for LBC men’s prayer breakfast. With a diversion to deliver Tony’s paper. Got to LBC just before 8am. 

Only 5 of us for breakfast. Continental breakfast, David Carling spoke. And lots of chat after prayer as we cleared up. So didn’t get home until 10.45am. 

Sat down and read paper. 

Naomi came home from Pilates. We had sandwiches for lunch. 

A bit later we drove down to Garstang. Parked next to canal, walked down to Wyre viaduct and took steps down to riverbank. Followed that round to flood barrier and then across to Booths where we stopped for cake and drink and a small shop. And then walked back to car and drove home. 

Stayed at house for a while,and then drove to Lancaster. Parked on Quay. Walked into town for cash. Went to Bombay Balti for tea. Poppadoms to start

And then I had a chingri biryani which had prawns in it

And then on to Wagon & Horses to see David on his birthday. StAyed the til 10pm and then drove home. 

Sat in snug for a while before bed. 

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