Diary – 28th September 2016

Up at 6.45am again. Breakfast and then out, but a bit more relaxed than Monday or Tuesday. 

Early birds was a bit quiet. We cleaned out the Guinea pig hutch. While mr Upton was out hazel got hit by a football which caused a nosebleed. It was drizzling by the time we finished. 

Walked up to church for prayer meeting. No vicar, Denis led. Chatted afterwards and didn’t get home until almost 10am. Walked home in rain. 

Sat down and read paper. 

For once nothing to prepare for jam club. So had time to do some guitar playing. 

Also did a row before lunch, but didn’t do very well. 

Had lunch. 

Problems syncing new phone so made a plan to copy iTunes folder off iMac. Took hours…

Walked down to village. In to shop for donuts. Oh, we’ve got them in the freezer. What? I need them edible in 20 minutes!! Panic and then look around and found a Swiss roll which would work instead. 

Set up room in chapel and then up to school to help. 

Emma led the session. Lots of helpers. 

Came home. Had tea by myself. 

And then drove to Lancaster. Parked on dalton Sq. 

guitar lesson was good. Went over what I had practiced of Johnny be good and then did some Run to You and an exercise to stretch my fingers. 

And then drove home. 

Got home, did a quick reprise. Reconfigured our power line wifi adapter which took a bit of faffing. Watched the laptop do a big update. 

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