Diary – 30th September 2016

Up at 6.45am.  Heard rain through night, but it wasn’t raining. 

Had breakfast and got ready. It started to rain. 

Naomi joined me for the walk to the village. Went to shop first and then to school. Rain was getting heavier. 

So early birds started indoors. 6 children arrived early. They were hiding under the bean bags. Rain had stopped by 8.30am so we went outside. But it started raining by 8.45am and children went in to classes. 

And that was the start of my day out with school. A day trip to Blackpool Zoo with Mrs Pollitt’s class and Mrs Woodhouse’s class from Calder Vale. 

Set off a bit late. 40 minutes to the zoo. I had 4 boys to look after: Angus, Lewis, Finn and Findley.  

First sight was a giant tortoise, then the dinosaur park. We had a lesson about habitats before lunch. After lunch we saw giraffes and the sea lion show. Came away a bit earlier than planned. 

Walked home and collapsed in chair. What a tiring day!

Watched TV until Naomi came home. 

Pizza for tea. 

Played dominion and I was alert enough  to win. 

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