Diary – 4th October 2016

Alarm rang loud at 6.45am. Up and breakfast and out of the house. It was chilly. 

Early Birds was busy. There were 5 children by 8am and by 8.30am there were 18. Good job we were outside. 

No guardians at shop. Came home, printed sudoku and solved it. Stripped bed and put on laundry. Sifted spam email and found a lot of non-spam. 

Time to walk back down to school for reading. A much more successful hour. Heard lots of children read. 

Asked at shop about news paper – still none. 

Came home, hung out washing. Had lunch. And then a bit of time online in office. 

Walked down to vicarage. Helping Anton with email and then chatted about other things. 

And onto school for after-school club. Played with children indoors for a while and then after snack-time I went outside with 5 children while Mrs Lund tidied up indoors. Final parent arrived at 5.45 and we locked up and left. 

Came home and sat down with a tea to warm up. Naomi only came home at 6.45 and then I made tea – grilled chicken breast with pasta and tomato sauce. 

Did a it of guitar in the evening and then sat in snug til bed. 

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