Diary – 5th October 2016

Up at 6.45am and a slow get-up and breakfast. 

Walk down to school for Early Birds. Had a few issues, Penny and Izzy and then Brodie in tears over football rules. Mrs O’Brian came out and told them to stop playing football. 

From school to church for prayer meeting. From church to vicarage to help Anton with email issues. 

And then collect papers and walk home. Read paper and then spent some time on computer looking to solve the email issue. And did some guitar. 


Bit more pottering before heading down to village for jam club. Stopped at shop and collected donuts and then to chapel to set up. And then up to school. 

Took Emma a while to be ready and then we walked down with Diana with 15 children. 

Sang songs, story was about the 10 lepers, prayers and then through to back for snacks and craft to make a card with ‘thank you Jesus’ message. 

Diana and I walked children back to school and then I headed home. 

Baked potato with left-overs for tea. 

Drove t Lancaster. Very heavy traffic all the way and queue into Lancaster. Parked at side of Music Spot. 

Lesson was good. 

And to Karen’s for connect group with just 3 of us. We talked through the sermon on Romans 12 and talked about our concerns before praying. Finished at 9.30pm and drove home. 

An hour in snug before bed. 

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