Diary – 7th October 2016

Up,at 6.45am. No milk had to have toast for breakfast. 

And walked down to school. Beaten into the playground by Pollitts. Passed by Anton who told me no need to stop at vicarage afterwards. 

Early birds was OK. A bit of drizzle. 

So got papers and walked home. 

Read paper. Checked email, played a bit of guitar, Hoovered, cleaned our bathroom. 


Set out early and stopped at vicarage only to be told sheets still not ready. 

So was very early for going to school. So found a geocach by Calder Vale. Then went onto fell for a short walk. 

And then headed to school to did minibus. Had a new child  who was from up Delph Lane. That wasn’t a problem, but turning the minibus was hard work. Didn’t get home until 4.45pm so gave up plan to cycle to uni to meet Naomi and watched end of Tipping Point. 

When Naomi came home we eventually decided on fish and chips for tea so I drove out to Thorpey’s just before 7pm. Almost dark al ready!!

Had a bottle of wine with tea

Watched TV for rest of eveni

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