Diary – 12th October 2016

Woken by alarm again at 6.45am. An extra 15 minutes t have breakfast. 

Walk down to school for 8am. Parents waiting for me. Children being silly about clowns a again. 

Walked to church for prayer meeting. 

Spent a while with Anton looking at mailchimp and tal king about other things. He had  a BT of rant but it wasn’t directed at me. 

Came home, read paper. 

Played some guitar, did some email catch up. 


Time for jam club. Walked down to chapel and set up chairs, table and projectors. And then walked up t school to help walk children down to chapel. 

Club went ok, despite Anton saying he hasn’t enough time. 

Finished at 4.30pm, a bit of tidying up and then walked home. 

Made some tea and then got ready to go out. 

Drove to Lancaster, parked next to Music Spot. Got an early start to lesson. Only played our made up riff but played well. Added some rhythm. 

And on to connect group at Karen’s. Only 4 of us. A good chat, discussion and prayer time. But we finished a bit earlier than often. 

Sat in snug for a while,before bed. 

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