Diary – 13th October 2016

Was awake at 6.45am when the alarm rang. And it was hard work getting out of bed. Breakfast and down to school.

Another busy morning at Early Birds. At least there wasn’t quite so much talk of clowns.

Came home with paper and read it.

Tried leaf blower on lawn and was pleased with how well it worked.

Did some IT work upstairs so practiced guitar from yesterday.

About 11.30am got ready for Job Club and headed out in car. Went via motorway again. I do wonder about the junction on Caton Road. There are now traffic lights on the slip-road for cars coming out of the park-and-ride area.

First problem at Job Club was that the chippy was shut. Had to make do with a sandwich from shop. We had lots of network problems so I went and looked at the router and found a second router had been added. Unplugged that and everything was OK. Sat with Rob for most of the time but chatted to other clients. Finished promptly at 3pm.

Drove round to Moorlands and parked on street. Walked into city centre with Rob and we went to Robert Gillow for our first act of Music Festival. Irish folk music – violins and a harp.

Then went on to John O’Gaunt for some jazz. Rob left to go home.

I then walked over to Dalton Sq and met Naomi. We went into the Borough for a drink while a funk band played. Naomi recognised one of the guys from work. She went to clarinet lesson while I stayed put. She came back after half an hour and we got some food. I had belly pork.

Then we came home.

I spent what seemed like an age preparing parish noticesheet; hopefully it won’t take quite so long in future.

Bed just after 11pm



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