Diary – 15th October 2016

Slept late, got up at 8.30am. Walked to shop for paper and stopped to chat with Judy. 

Came home, had breakfast. 

Naomi got up and went out to Pilates class. I spent the time doing a bit of housework and playing guitar. 

When Naomi came back we decided to go for trip up to Staveley. 

Had lunch at Wilf’s

and then  had a look around Wheelbase  

Then went for a walk along riverbank

Back to car And we  drove to Lancaster and parked on quay.  Walked into city centre and through arcades. Stopped at Starbucks to get takeaway drinks. Round to Sun street and found stage with band about to play – Carpe. So stopped there. 

When they were done we walked up to Castle. Saw a group called Divide & Conker. 

Next on stage was Jay Diggins. I stood right at front by barrier but was by myself. In fact by end of set most of crowd had disappeared. Shame. 

And then a short wait for the band who are now called Glasspop but last year were called uFly. Much bigger crowd. Didn’t recognise any of their music, but Naomi did. 
And then came home. Had a beer which only made me feel colder. 

Went to bed shortly after 10pm and was really shivery. 

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