Diary – 18th October 2016

Woken by alarm at 6.45am. Didn’t sleep very well because of sore throat. Think I’m going down with a cold…

Quick breakfast and then walk down to school for 7.45am. 

Lots of early arrivals again. Seemed to be lots of tears during Early Birds. Rain started just as we finished. 

Collected papers and rain had stopped for walk home. 

Sat to read paper, Ruth called on phone and Dennis was here in a few minutes with his laptop. I diagnosed a PSU problem. 

That left not much time before heading back to school for reading session. Started a bit late so didn’t finish until 11.45am. 

Came home. 

Went for a short drive up Gubberford Lane to watch the Flying Scotsman pass by. Haven’t looked at my photos yet. 

More rain. 

Had lunch and went up to office to do a few jobs. Got engrossed and only looked at clock when it was 3.15pm. Realised it was Tuesday and I was supposed to be at school. 

Got ready, went outside and it started to rain so I jumped in car. Was at school within 3 minutes!!

A few more children at After School Club. Most of the time I was supervising children using computers. 

Came home, went to snug and made fire. 

Naomi came home and cooked tea. I stayed in snug for the evening. 

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