Diary – 19th October 2016

Another restless night, didn’t sleep well after 4am. Alarm went at 6.45am and up. Breakfast and out down to village. 

Wanted to go to shop first things to get some throat lozenges but there were already parents and children in the playground at ten to eight. Still went t shop as I really needed the lozenges. 

So lots of children from start of Early Birds but quite quiet. 

Walked from school to church for parish prayer meeting and then came home. 

Read paper, sorted PowerPoint for jam club. 

Out in car. Drove to Lancaster Ridge to via motorway. 

Attending Ridge team meeting. I was there just to say about the wifi problems we had last week caused by a second wifi signal. Everyone denied responsibility. 

Left at about 1245 and drove home. 

Lunch and then had to redo jam club PowerPoint on laptop. 

And then out to village for jam club. 

Collected donuts from shop and then walked to chapel and set up everything. Then headed up to school and walked down with children. Club went ok. Finished and cleared up by 4.45pm. 

Walked home in glorious sunshine. 

Had my tea and watched a bit of Pointless 

Then got ready to go out. 

And left for Lancaster again. Along A6 this time. Parked at back of Music Spot. Guitar lesson was good. 

And then drove to Karen’s for connect group meeting. Reviewed sermon with some discussion and then prayed. Finished about 9.30pm and drove home. 

Had a lemsip before bed 

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