Diary – 21st October 2016

Up at 6.45am. Breakfast and out of house.

Left a bit early and I walked past school and dropped of house key at plumber’s house.

Early Birds had a rush of children at 8.20am and they were out of control, running round nature area and throwing pears onto playground. Mrs Pollitt wasn’t happy when she came out and gave them a talking to.

Went to vicarage. Just a quick visit where i did the copying and left. Got phonecall from farmer asking for computer help

Delivered noticesheets to Catholic church then walked home and found plumber had been and gone.

Sat and read paper and he came back. Spent most of morning in office.

Left again at 1215 and walked down to village. Delivered noticesheets to Methodist chapel and St Peter’s and then to school for a half-hour playtime supervision. Spent most of that untying a knot with Niamh.

Came home and had lunch.

More time in office.

Then out in car. Drove to Barnacre and dropped off noticesheets. Realised I was far too early so explored footpaths. Back to car and up to Calder Vale. Dropped off noticesheets and then time for minibus run.

Only one child – Emily. SO it was a quick run, back at school before 4pm.

Drove to Fell End Farm. Was a bit concerned when she started waving the scanner at me but the problem was with the printer. Printer was supposed to work over wifi but it didn’t.

Gave up on that and connected it to USB and eveything started working, except there was loads of downloads that took ages. Printed a test page and then some of their lamb records so they were happy.

Came home and plumber still working.

Naomi came home.

We eventually decided to go shopping at Booths. But we didn’t leave house until about 7pm. And came back an hour later. Bought an Indian ‘takeaway’ as well as everything else.

Isn’t everything at a supermarket ‘takeaway’?

So we didn’t eat until about 9pm – rather late. And watched TV til bedtime.


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