Diary – 24th October 2016

And another week starts with the alarm ringing at 6.45am. But I’d been awake since about 5am. It was very dark. Got up, ate breakfast in kitchen and left just after 7.30am. 

Walked down to school and was the in good time for Early Birds at 7.45am. Esme and I sat on the step for what seemed like ages. It was a quiet morning. 

Got paper and came home and sat and read it. 

Put laundry in machine and then went down road for Bible study group. Except I was only one. So three of us sat with a tea and chatted for half an hour. 

Came home. 

Went for a walk to village to post office. 

Came home and put out laundry. 


Went out in garden. Tried digging clay in small bed on lawn but didn’t find bottom of it. Did some tidying around front of garage to try to stop water ingress. Blew leaves off lawn to side. 

Came indoors. Watched Tipping Point. 

Did a 30-minute row. First time in 4 weeks. Hard work. 

Naomi had choir practice so I had tea ready for her when she came back. Chicken breasts with pasta and sauce with lots of veg. 

Got stuff ready for LSC meeting tomorrow. 

Watched a bit of TV before bed. 

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