Diary – 25th October 2016

Awake before alarm again. Think I was mostly awake from 5am. So up at 6.45am breakfast and out of house just after 7.30am and walk to school.

Esme was first again and we sat by ourselves for quite a while before anyone else turned up. Not much happened during Early Birds.

Collected papers and came home and only had 10 minutes before I was out again.

I left house by back door; Anton was knocking at front door. 🙂

We took a rather odd route along Higher Lane, Long Lane, past J C Country to get onto motorway at Forton.

Then a short drive to Huntley’s at Salmesbury. For the cafe.

Had a meeting with Ray Borg and Joe Wilson. Felt a bit out of my depth. Talked over several things before talking about Lancashire Sings Christmas. Got away eventually at 1130 and drove back to Scorton.

Did a bit of work in garden before lunch.

Then a while in office on LSC website.

And at 3pm remembered I was due at school. 🙂

A few more faces at after-school club this week. I was outside with half the group for over an hour. We came in a snack time. After that we stayed inside and numbers dwindled as parents turned up.

But at 6pm we were still sitting waiting for Esme’s mum. Mrs Lund joked about sleeping bags which upset Esme. Mrs Lund got on phone and we found that Esme’s mum was stuck in traffic on the motorway. I cuddled Esme until we knew her parents we coming and wea watched a film until Mum arrived ta 6.30pm.

Walked home.

Did another rowing session, a bit better than yesterday.

Cooked tea with Sunday leftovers.

Sat in snug with TV until bed.


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