Diary – 26th October 2016

I was awake before the alarm went off. So up at 6.45am and switched off the alarm. Breakfast and out of house at 7.45am. 

It was quiet gloomy and a little damp. Not many children at Early Birds. 

When bell rang I walked up to church for prayer meeting.  Chris from Calder Vale and Susan from Barnacre were ther and Carol,the parish nurse. A good chat about the scripture and we finished promptly 

Got papers and headed home. Sat and read paper, tidied kitchen, upstairs to to check email and play guitar. 

Then a rowing session. 


Cooked some mince for tea. Got things ready for jam club. 

Left house at 2.45pm and walked down to village. Collected donuts from shop and then to chapel to set up. And then up to school. 

Chaos. With some children ready for jam club and parents arriving for parents evening. Theo’s mum wanted to talk to me about his behaviour. 

And then we walked jam club down to chapel, did our session with a story about Zacchaeus. Went on a bit long. Then walked back to school with children and got chatting so didn’t get home until 5.15

A quick tea and then off to Lancaster. 

Parked round corner from Music Spot. Guitar lesson went well. Learned a new routing to practice moving on fretboard and then more work on I love rock n roll. 

And then on to connect group at Clive and Ruth’s house. Talked about sermon on Romans 13. And then prayed. Finished about 9.15pm and drove home. 

Sat in snug til bedtime. 

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