Diary – 31st October 2016

Awake eRly again, maybe the bread-maker woke me? But snoozed until Naomi’s alarm went off 

Up and out down to shop and came back with paper, just in time to say goodbye as Naomi left for work. 

Had breakfast in snug and read paper until plumber arrived. 

He was here for about an hour to fix bathroom extractor fan. Did washing up and laundry. 

Went out to village Bible study. Got a little annoyed with all the off-topic chat. Finished at midday. 

Came home, got busy with the pressure washer and hosed down two cars.  Then put out washing. 

Had lunch. 

Got out Bike and rode out to Fell End Farm. Had a call this morning to ask for more help with printer but when I got there they’d worked out the problem. So I sat and chatted for a while about eBay. They gave me 3 jars of homemade jam and I left. 

It was a nice afternoon for a bike ride anyway!!

Came home, had a cup of tea and did a row. Best for a long time – 6738m. 

Did pork chops with potato and tomato sauce in one pan for tea while Naomi was at choir practice. 

Remembered to set up laptop ready for tomorrow’s visit to Mothers Union meeting – hoping I won’t have to stay for the whole afternoon!!

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