Diary – 7th November 2016

Last day of half-term holiday. 

Up at 7.15am with alarm and then out for papers. Naomi was heading for work as I walked back up the hill. 

Had breakfast, read paper, did laundry and tidied kitchen. 

Drove down to Garstang, stopped at C&C and bought washing line. Then to Booths for a quick food shop. And home again for 1130am. 

Did some more leaf blowing but I think even more will have fallen by tomorrow. 

Made up a casserole for tea and then had Lunch. 

Spent a while in office and cleared up several outstanding jobs. 

Brought in laundry once sun had gone behind clouds and temperature dropped – washing doesn’t get long outside to dry at this time of year!!

Watched Tipping Point. 

Had tea and got ready for deacons. 

Naomi came home from work and went straight out to choir. 

I left house at 7pm and drove to Lancaster for LBC deacons’ meeting. Agenda looked like a short meeting but we went on until 10pm!! Not what I wanted the night before going back to school. 

Drove home, a quick drink in snug to calm down and then bed at about 11pm

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