Diary – 14th November 2016

Up at 6.45am as another week starts.  Out of house at 7.30 to walk down to school. Worst fears realised – it was raining so early birds would have to be inside. 

Except no-one turned up for ages. But we did stay indoors and it was a bit wild. We went outside at 8.30 even thought it was still drizzling. Bell went a little bit early. 

Picked up papers and walked home. Read paper, did laundry.  

At 1030 left and went to village Bible study group at neighbours. 

Finished just after noon, came home and hung laundry in dining room. 


Spent a while in office clearing inbox and playing guitar. 

At 3pm headed back down to school. Doing after school club. Only 3 names on register but several more children present. Head left me to look after children for a long time. Last child left at 1715 and I headed home. 

Watched pointless. 

Naomi came home from work and went straight out to choir. 

When she came back I had tea almost ready – fried liver. 

Spent rest of evening in snug watching TV. 

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