Diary – 15th November 2016

Up at 6.45am. Quick breakfast in kitchen and left house at 7.30am. Pleased to see it had stopped raining. 

Got to school in good time for 7.45am start but no-one turn d up until gone 8am. A nice quiet morning with the usual gang of kids. 

Came home, read paper, tidied kitchen, a short spell in office. 

Then went out to Garstang. Bought fruit and veg at Bradshaw’s then parked at Booths. Went to High street for cash machine and then walked to health centre to collect prescription. They only gave me half the number of pills I normally get. 

Walked to Aldi for a quick shop and then to Booth to shop. Shop was nice and quiet but stuck behind slow old people at till. 

Home and lunch. 

More time in office. 

Then it was time to head back down to school for after-school club. 5 children and Mrs Hesketh got out stuff to do painting. Lewis was a bit hyper. I think I managed everything ok. We ended all playing snakes and ladders. Finished at 5.45 and walked home. Forgot to take my torch. 

Cooked lamb steaks for tea. 

Did a bit of guitar practice and watched some of Eng v Esp. 

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