Diary – 18th November 2016

Another very dark morning at 6.45am. Out of house at 7.45am and it wasn’t raining. 

Lots of hailstones on ground. 

Early birds was very quiet. Just jack and me for over 20 minutes. He was bust brushing hailstones. Mrs H turned up for a few minutes to sort out workmen with leaf-blowers. Only 4 children at 0830. 

Round to vicarage and printed noticesheets. Then walked round churches and then headed home. 

Jumped in car and drove to Barnacre and Calder Vale. Skidded on road going down to Oakenclough. Headed back ver Harrisend Fell. Home by 1020. 

We left house at about 1115. Drove to Lancaster and parked on Moor Lane. Walked across town to railway station. 

Caught 1238 train to London. Busy but we had seat reservations. I was very close to falling asleep. 

Tube to Vauxhall and train to Malden Manor and walk to Naomi’s parents. 

Sat and chatted for an hour or so and then Rob drove us to Hinckley Wood and Mathangi’s house. 

Claire, Helen and Thenuka came round and we had a late tea. 

Lots of chat. 

We went to bed at midnight. 

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