Diary – 22nd November 2016

Alarm rang at 6.45am. It was hard getting out of bed. Nonetheless a quick breakfast and left house at 7.30am.

Walked down to school. Mrs Hesketh already there so had chat about my weekend. Then did Early Birds.

Picked up newspapers and came home. Sat with tea and paper to warm up.

Did a little bit of work on computer.

Then got things together, made up packed lunch and headed back to school.

Left on coach at about 1pm with staff and pupils for Dance Festival at Blackpool. Held at Winter Gardens.

We sat around waiting for AGES. I was trying to keep the boys in order.

We had a rehearsal and I went up on the circle to record the performance then we got to watch some of the other schools do their rehearsal.

Then we had to sit and wait again, but at least it was tea-time. Then time to put on make-up and costumes. Not much for me to do.

Eventually got to do the performance. I went up on circle again to record performance.

Then back to waiting area to change and back into theatre to watch other schools do their dance.

Came out of theatre about 2100 and had the problem of matching children to parents when every other school was trying to do the same in a restricted space. Got there in the end.

Then we left. Got lift home with Mrs Hesketh in her new BMW x3 with Thea and Mrs Richmond.

Arrived home at about 2200.

Quick drink and bed.


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