Diary – 23rd November 2016

Alarm at 6.45am. Didn’t want to get out of bed. 

Had breakfast and headed off down the hill to school. 

Early birds was quiet. 

Then to church for prayer meeting. Did the NT reading and sounded very hoarse. 

And then back home with papers. 

Sat with tea and paper to warm up. 

Spent an hour or so in office , lunch and more time in office. 

Down to village for Jam club. We had a child for the first time. Made advent candles out of card. 

Came home, had a quick tea. 

And then out and driving to Lancaster. Abs warning light came on. 

Parked on Dalton Sq and then in to Music Spot for guitar lesson. 

Started early. Spent all lesson doing some new stuff, learning to pick a string in 3-time. 

Then went to connect group. Read some thoughts about Advent. Then prayed. Finished at 2130 and drove home. 

ABS light and engine warning light on. Just like it happened before. 

Naomi arrived home just after me. 

Had a slug of whisky and hot water to try to dispel cold and then went t

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