Diary – 24th November 2016

Up at 6.45am. Breakfast and out of house at 7.45am. 

Lots of frost Lane outside house was slippery. Bridge surface was white. Didn’t see anyone drive across it. 

Early birds was interesting. Playground was very slippery so boys were very keen on sliding as far as possible. Holly and Stephen came for the first time this term, I think. Fighting started almost immediately. Mrs Harwood came out and resolved it. 

Walked home with papers. Jumped quickly onto pavement as a car came across bridge and was sliding from side to side. 

Sat with a tea and paper to warm up. 

Spent a while in office working on PC. 

Then time to drive to Lancaster. Relieved that the frost on the bridge had melted. Up the motorway to j34. A nice clear run except for the 50mph restriction. And on to Ridge. 

Job club was quiet. Only 3 usual clients. Finished promptly at 3pm and headed home. 

Time to start my Concept2 challenge with a 10km row. Pleased with my time. 

Cooked some diced chicken for tea. 

Then out to Lancaster again for LBC members meeting. Oh dear. We weren’t quorate. So several things that required a vote couldn’t be done. Gave a plug for Lancashire Sings Christmas. Finished at 2100. 

Drove home. I think the bridge was already a bit frosty. 

Sat in snug with a drink before going to bed. 

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