Diary – 28th November 2016

And another week starts. Alarm at 6.45am. Bit of a restless night because of cough but felt OK in morning.

Left house just after 7.30am to walk to school.  It was rather chilly.

no-one turned up for Early Birds until 8am.  not many around until just before the bell.

walked home with papers and then went straight out.  Anton pulled onto drive just as I closed door.

We drove down to Salmesbury and Huntley’s farm shop for LSC meeting.  Started at 10am and we were there until 1130.  A good meting. Came away feeling quite excited about the project. We drove to a landrover sales garage where Anton spoke about his Landrover and then headed home.

Time for lunch.

Did some work in office.

Then did a row. Another 10km.

Naomi came home and went out to choir practice.

I made tea of pork chops with potato and tinned tomatoes simmering for ages.

Didnt eat tea until about 8pm

Did a bit of guitar practice and more web updates before bed.


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