Diary – 30th November 2016

Slept quite well, didn’t cough at all through the night. 

Alarm at 6.45, up, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Felt like a warm morning after yesterday. 

Early birds was a bit crazy. Kids were running around with each others’ bags for a while. 

At finish walked up to  church for prayer meeting. Our new parish nurse was there. 

And then headed home via shop for papers. 

A quick read of paper, some time at PC and then did a 10km row. A good time. Must be getting over cold. 


Bit more time in office. 

Then off to jam club. Thought I was leaving house late but after going to shop and then to chapel to set up I had time to spare. 

Then walked up to school and came back promptly with children. 

Jam club went ok, seemed very busy. At end walked children back to school with Mrs Pollitt and chatted with her. 

And then home. 

Made an omelette for tea, watched a bit of Tv

And then out to Lancaster. Roads were very busy. And when I got to the centre, parking was busy too, but got space on side street next to Music Spot. 

A good music lesson. 

And then on to connect group. Our last session on Romans. Finished at 2130 and drove home. road was very quiet. 

Naomi didn’t get home uñtil 2300. 

Went to bed shortly after. 

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