Diary – 6th December 2016

Alarm woke me at 6.45am and my first thought was “Is it Friday?”  

Up, breakfast and out of house at 7.30am. 

No children around at 7.45am. I spent 15 minutes walking around playground. Children at Early Birds went a bit wild. Lots of racing and using a whistle. 

Came home, read papers. Went out and removed leaves from yesterday’s blowing to leaf pile. Did puncture repair for Naomi. 

Did my daily 10k row. Feels like I’m overall slower but not as tired every day afterwards. 


Afternoon went quickly. 

3pm headed to school for after school club. Mostly from bottom class again. We watched Muppet Christmas Carol. I found it quite interesting but children started losing interest after about 15 minutes. Last pickup was at 1750 and then I walked home. 

Had to bring in laundry in dark. 

Naomi came home, we had leftovers for tea. 

Walked down to village together in rain and then went to separate meetings; me to Bikes and Barrows, Naomi to messy church planning. 

B and B was ok. I didn’t have anything to say. Think I’ve got a bit commitment in the new year. Sat and chatted at end so didn’t leave until 10pm. 

Quick drink before bed. 23000 steps today!!!

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