Diary – 16th December 2016

Up at 6.45am. Thank goodness it’s Friday. Breakfast and out at 7.45. 

Early birds was quiet. 

Went round t vicarage and did copying WLked up to church with Anton and left sheeets, then to Methodist chapel, shop and home. 

A quick cup of tea ad read newspaper. 

Changed clothes and dyed hair. 

Walked back down to village. 

School Christmas lunch at the Barn at 1130. Children sang reLly well as we waited. Christmas dinner was good, not a small one. And a small tub of Wallings ice-cream. 

Then we all walked back to school and children had 20 minutes in playground. 

Then we got on coaches and drove to Lancaster. Dukes theatre

There as some sort of problem so we couldn’t go straight in and had to wait in cinema. So we had an impromptu sing-song. 

Eventually in to Roundhouse and watched Pinocchio. Very interesting production. 

And back to scorton on coach. And walk home up lane. 

Got home just before Naomi 

Did a 10k row and then cooked tea. 

We put up Christmas tree in snug. 

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