Diary – 4th January 2017

Slept well. Got up when Naomi’s alarm rang at 7.10am. 

Walked to shop and was back home for 8am. Ate breakfast with Naomi. She left, I read a bit of paper and then walked down to St Peter’s for prayer meeting. 

Just 5 of us. I had forgotten to open app on iPad so had to demonstrate to others setting up hotspot on phone and using it to  connect iPad. Lost data again halfway through meeting and had to do it again but a bit mor discreetly. Lots of chat at end of time. Walked out with Denis and chatted with him on way to chapel. And walked home. 

Came home, had a tea, read paper. 

Put on a load of laundry. 

Put on boots and went for a walk. Across to Tithe Barn Lane, footpath behind Mytten Hall and then to woods behind to find a geocache. And came back same way. 

Sorting laundry and then lunch. 

Drove down to Bradshaw’s t stock up on fruit and veg. 

Came home and watched next episode of Humans. 

Back up to snug and watched Tipping Point while sifting through more Harris papers. 

Cooked lamb loin fillets for tea and then we sat in snug and watched TV

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