Diary – 10th January 2017

Alarm woke me at 6.45am but hadn’t slept much after 4.30am. So feeling very tired. Breakfast and out of door at 7.30am. 

Another dark morning as I walked down to the village. 

Early birds started indoors. Esme and I sat and chatted. After a few more children had turned up we went outside for rest of session. 

Came home, read paper. 

Drove to health centre to collect new drugs. 

Otherwise spent day at home running around doing chores, playing a bit of guitar, sending emails. 

Walked down to school for 3.15am. 

After school club was ok. We went outside for a while. Came indoors and we watched a film called Big Robot 6. That kept almost all the kids occupied for the entire film until they went home. 

Home for 6pm, Naomi passed me on the lane. 

Cooked chicken breasts for tea with quinoa. 

7pm we left in car. Drove to Lancaster. Dropped off Naomi and then picked up Brian and then went to OMF prayer meeting. Only 6 of us. Finished at 9.30pm. Took Brian home and picked up Naomi. 

Came home, had a quick drink before bed at 11pm. 

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