Diary – 13th January 2017

Last day of the working week…

Alarm at 6.45, up, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Interesting. It wasn’t snow on the ground, but I think it was hail and it had frozen in a lot of places. 

Fortunately it hadn’t frozen on the road as I walked down. 

So Early Birds was fun. There wasn’t any snow / hail on the main playground but the ball court was covered. Kids got busy scraping it into piles and that was it for the morning. An easy session for me. 

Came home, read paper. 

Waiting for the Chubb engineer… he didn’t come until lunch time so I spent the morning hanging around. 

Once had had been and gone it was time to head up to Calder Vale. 

On the way I noticed farmers working on a ditch beside the road. Minibus drive was uneventful until I got back to the lane and the farmers were busy operating an excavator from the back of a truck and the lane was totally blocked. As I waited Mrs  Woodhouse came out from the school and was also stuck. I think we waited more than ten minutes before they moved the truck out of the way. When I went back to school office Mrs Woodhouse was in tears because she missed her hair appointment. 

Came home. 

Naomi came home. 

We decided to walk t Thorpeys for tea. Fish and chip supper for me. 

Walked home and I opened a Christmas bottle of wine to drink while we played dominion. 

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