Diary – 23rd January 2017

Up at 6.45am at the start of a new week. Felt tired, like I hadn’t slept well. Breakfast and out of house at 7.30am. 

First at school. Surprised at Roman  and Hendrix arriving first. So we went outside as Esme arrived. A few minutes later Mrs H turned up and said it was too cold for Esme to be standing outside so we went back to the library. As other children arrived it felt like a holding area for year 5 and 6. We went back outside at 8.20am. 

Came home and read paper. Felt quite cold. 

Time for village Bible study. Struck again thT I don’t really need a Bibel and we don’t do any study and the UCB notes express some weird opinions. 

Home at midday. Started putting washing on line but as I finished it started raining so everything came off and re-hung indoors. 


Trip t Bradshaws for fruit and veg. And on to C&C for light bulbs for kitchen. 

Came home, had a tea. 

Did a Fitbit fitness test and then a 30-minute row. 

Made chicken enchiladas for tea. 

Then we went for another walk round the block in the dark. 

Came home, did a bit more guitar and watched TV until bedtime. 

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