Diary – 26th January 2017

Up at 6.45am. Breakfast and out at 7.45am. Weather forecast said it would be cold and windy but as I walke d down the lane there was no wind. 

Early birds stayed outside. I had a group of girls singing to me. Otherwise quiet. 

Came home, had a quick scan of paper before heading out again. 

Walked down to Barn for 10am. Met Emilian there and eventually found Kate and Dan in old area. Sat and chatted with them over a pot of tea til just gone 11am. 

Came home for a few minutes before heading out again. 

Drove to Lancaster and ridge via motorway. 

Chip shop for lunch. Job club was quiet. Only Norman and Glen. But Clive and I got the printer working with all our computers. Glen was still working on a job application so we closed a bit late. 

Dr veg from there to Galgate and set up email for Peter Otto. 

And then continued home in time to see last round of Tipping Point. 

Concocted a sort of shepherds pie for tea. 

Naomi came home, we ate the pie

And then I went out again.   

Drove to Lancaster and LBC for church members’ meeting. Finished just after 9pm and drove home. 

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