Diary – 30th January 2017

Up at 6.45, quick shower and breakfast and out of house at 7.30am. It’s already light!!

Esme arrived at Early Birds at 7.45am. She was very chatty. We walked round the playground to keep her warm. Otherwise quiet. 

Came home, read paper, put laundry in machine. Made up a casserole in slow cooker. 

Off to village Bible study. We did a series of readings that others described as “interesting” but weren’t very relevant to us. 

Came home at noon. Hung out washing, did a little bit of garden tidying. 


Bit of work and guitar in office. 

Walked down to village and out to Cottles’ house to look at PC. Account locked with password that Jim doesn’t know. Quickly decided best course of action was to return home with base unit. Jim gave me a lift. 

Back in time to see final part of Tipping Point. Another contestant with zero general knowledge. 

Naomi came home after choir practice and we had tea. 

Spent a large part of evening messing with Jim’s PC. Used a ubuntu disk to change one password but couldn’t do anything with his locked account. 

That’s two years since I finished working at Lancaster University. 

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