Diary – 6th February 2017

Another working week starts with alarm at 6.45am. Breakfast and out at 7.30am. 

Early birds was outside. Several children arrived before 8am. Mrs H was in playground most of the time again. 

Came home, read paper, laundry day. 

Then off to Bible study. Only 5 of us. Finished prompt at 12 noon. 

Came home. Gave car and Naomi’s bike a quick hose down. 

Hung out washing. 


Shopping trip to Garstang- Lloyds Bank, Aldi, Booths, C&C. 

Home at 4. 

Started to rain so had to bring in washing. 

Watched Tipping Point and prepped mince for tea. 

Naomi was home by 6.30pm. We ate tea and then I went out again to Lancaster for LBC deacons meeting. Started at 7.30pm and finshèd by 9pm. 

A very quiet drive home. I think there were only 3 other cars between the motorway roundabout and Cabus. 

Bed at 10.30pm. 

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