Diary – 11th February 2017

Celebrated the start of half-term with another early get up on a Saturday. Out of bed at 7am and left house at 7.30am in car and drove to Lancaster. 

Parked right at top of Moorlands and walked down to LBC. 

Men’s prayer breakfast. Rather low on numbers but good to have steve from morecambe with us. Breakfast was omelettes cooked the night before. 

When finished walked to B&Q. Looked for kitchen light bulbs and bought two tins of blue (cyan) paint and then walked back to car along canal. And drove home. 

Did a 10km row. Under 45 minutes. 

Naomi came hôme from Pilates; she walked. 

We had soup for lunch. 

Went out to Blackpool. Took a back lane to get into town centre. Parked and then walked two blocks to Winter Gardens. Visited an event called Showzam. Saw the headless woman and the woman in a fishbowl. 

Then wandered around shops and a brisk walk along the prom. Bumped into Stephen Boyd as we came away from Sainsbury’s. and drove home. 

Spent the evening in downstairs lounge watching second Hobbit film and eating pizza for tea. 

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