Diary – 20th February 2017

Up at 6.45am. Back to routine. Breakfast in kitchen and out of house at 7.30am. 

It’s dry!! Good start. Mr Chaffe and Mrs Pollitt already at school. Chatted to them for a while before going outside. No-one at 7.45am, first children arrived at 8.05 and were excited to be first in playground. A dozen by 8.30am. A calm session. 

Came home, drink and read paper and needed to warm up. 

Started a load of laundry and then set to painting a second coat. 2hours to do the whole room. 

Hung out laundry but as I finished it started raining so everything got back in the basket. 


Spent a while in office. 

Back to lounge and started tidying and putting things back. 

Went for a walk down to village to buy veg. 

Roast into oven with veg and then watched Tipping Point. Back to lounge. 

Tea was ready at 7pm. We ate in kitchen. Hmm, Aldi lamb breast roll is very fatty. 

Watched foot ball on TV then went for a short walk to village and back. Home to catch  last 5 minutes for football game. 
Slug of whisky before bed. 

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