Diary – 28th February 2017

Think I wás a bit restless through the night, but I was asleep when the alarm went at 6.45am. 

Up, breakfast and out at 7.30am. 

School was locked but cleaner was inside. 

Shrove Tuesday so we had a pancake party at Early Birds club. We used our pancake maker. Mrs H cooked, Mrs Pollitt managed toppings while I managed the door and register. 20 children. They needed to go outside by 8.30am. I ended up skipping with the girls again. 

Walked home in rain. Read paper. Spent a while in office. 

Shredded some newspaper. 


Played some guitar. 

3pm and time to head back down to school. It was chaos. Lots of kids ready to go out for a game of football. Mrs Lunda went with them so Mrs Richmond did after-school club with me. Kids wanted lots of things out to play with. Mrs Richmond made pancake mixture and we got making them quite early. Kept everyone quiet. Then lots of disruption when footballers came back. Finished on-time. 

Walked home and got things ready for pancake tea

And we had loads of pancakes when Naomi got back from work. 

Went for walk down to village afterwards. 

A short session in ofice and rest of evening 

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