Diary – 2nd march 2017

Alarm woke me at 6.45am. Up, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Early birds was fun as it was World Book Day. Everyone was dressed up. Except me. We came in at 8.20 when it started raining but we went out again after 10 minutes. Skipping again. Anton came over and asked me to go to church. 

So finished at school and walked up to church.  Technician from Audioworks tying to solve problem with AV. Everything worked with his laptop but not with Anton’s. we drove up to Robin Ghyll and back to get my laptop. After a few minutes got that working properly. 

Walked home, Hang out sheets on Line, read paper and d sudoku and then it was time to drive to Lancaster. Via motorway. 

Arrived at Ridge just before Clive and Ruth. Set up computers then got lunch from chippy. A quiet session at job club. Only 4 clients. Finished at 2.45pm. 

Came home, had a drink. 

Walked down to village for Churches Together meeting. Met new Catholic priest. Good chat. 

Came home. Had tea by myself. 

Wrote draft pewsheet for Anton and played some guitar. 

Naomi came home. 

Sat in snug til bedtime. 

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