Diary – 3rd march 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out. 

First at school again. Dry, so early birds was outside. Izzy got me skipping. A quiet session until last few minutes. 

Round to vicarage to copy pewsheets. 

Then anton and I walked up to church t try his laptop with AV system.  Still no sound through PA. 😦

Then walked down to Chapel to drop off noticesheets, to shop for paper, Catholic Church to drop off notice sheets and then home. 

A brief read of paper. 

A morning pottering around house, played a bit of guitar, did a 5km row session and packed an overnight bag. 

Lunch, and a bit later threw gear in car and off to Calder Vale. 

Half a dozen kids in minibus aare lol n fancy dress. Didn’t have to go to farm so a bit quicker. 

Back at school jumped back in Jag and set off to Grange. Went along Chipping Road as far as Bay Horse and then a short stretch of A6 and then motorway. Horrible weather. 

Arrived at Abbot Hall at about 5.15pm. Checked in, unpacked and then sat with others in lounge and had a pot of tea. 

Our LBC retreat started with dinner. Prawn & crayfish starter, haddock main course and cheese for dessert. 

Then our first worship session and a talk about what we think is good at LBC. 

Stooped at 9pm and. Then had a social time. 

Bed at 11pm. 

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