Diary – 4th march 2017

Didn’t sleep well. Windows wouldn’t close properly; who still has metal windows frames?? There was also noisy heating all night long and several trains through the night. 

Up at 7am. Took ages to get the shower at a good temperature. 

Went for a walk along lane next to railway. 

Came back and it was time for breakfast. 

Porridge, cooked breakfast and a croissant. 

Then time for our first Vision session. Led by Ali. Talking about about church and millennials. 

Half-hour tea break and we stood outside enjoying the sunshine. 

And then  second Vision session. 

Lunch was baked potato with baked beans, tuna and cheese and a finger of apple pie with cream. 

And then another  Vision session ending with prayer and communion. 

All done at about 3pm. 

Followed Emilian along road until dual carriageway when I blipped the throttle and passed him. 

Home at 4.30pm. 

Had almost finished unpacking when Naomi came home from a walk. 

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