Diary – 5th March 2017


Slept well, catching up after last night.

up after 8am, breakfast and left house at 9.30am to drive to Lancaster.

Parked off Dalton Square and walked to LBC.

A new month and I’m back on Lighthouse duty so head upstairs to prep. Not much to do other than put Bibles on table and find some pens. Downstairs for first part of service and then out with kids. We had a discussion about remembering.Pleased to find kids could remember more about what we did through January than they could about February sessions. 🙂 Chatted to a few people before heading home.

Roast pork for lunch. AN interesting Aldi cut.

We put back up the fittings for blinds in the two lounges.

Went for a walk from home along Millennium Way.

Went together to evening service at All Saints, Barnacre. A good mix of people from different churches and more than the organisers were expecting!!! A quiet contemplative service.

Drove back to Scorton and Naomi dropped me off in Square. She went off to Lancaster, I walked home and then did a 5km row.

Watched TV after that until bedtime


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