Diary – 6th March 2017

Another good sleep interrupted by alarm at 6.45am and another week starts.

UP, breakfast and out of house at 7.30am. A lovely morning.

3 kids at Early Birds before 8am. Otherwise quiet. Lots of skipping again.

Came home, note from Judy to say non Bible study so my morning opened up.

Did usual, read paper, clothes in washing machine and then got ready to go for a run.

Drove down to village. Ran from Bowling Club along Gubberford Lane and Millennium Way. Didn’t stop at all. Just short of 4km.

Drove home and did 5km row. A bit slower than Sunday’s session.

So lunch was a bit late.

Pottered for a while and then drove to Dolphinholme to see Deacon Jane. Her new printer wasn’t working. Deleted the device, re-ran the installer and it worked. And installed the device on her laptop.

Came home, had tea (lamb mince) and was getting ready to go when Naomi came back from work.

DRove to Lancaster and parked on Dalton Sq and walked to LBC.

Deacons’ meeting. A long one. Almost 10pm before we finished.

Drove home, got ready for morning and went to bed.



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