Diary – 12th march 2017

At least on a Sunday I can have a bit of a lie-in. Well, until I woke up at 8am. 

So, up, breakfast, watch TV for a bit. 

Left house at 9.30am to drive to Lancaster. Parked on Dalton Sq. 

Very early at LBC and not much to prep for Lighthouse. 

Down to church for start of worship. Sat with Kate, Harriet and Alice. Then took the two girls out with me to Lighthouse. 

I led first part. Bit of chat, played stuck in the mud, did memory verse and a prayer before we split into groups. Tryouts Jag to get group to understand concept of respectful fear of God. We had a break to bake some biscuits. Acted out story of Isaiah’s vision. Went ok. 

Went round to Martin and Judith’s house played with Anna and Logan before lunch. Left about 4pm in separate cars. Naomi went via motorway, I went down A6. Naomi got home first but only just. 

Naomi went down to choir practice. 

I went down to see Kirstine and then on to church for evensong. 

A small congregation but good service. Sat with Ian Marshall. 

Came home home about 9-ish. Had to spend a while on computer before bed. While I was doing that Naomi started demolishing the built-in furniture in her office. 

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